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TIMERS Inc. Privacy Policy


TIMERS Inc. (the “Company”) sets out this privacy policy (this “Privacy Policy”) as follows as the Company’s basic policy for protecting Personal Information (as defined in Article 1). The Company sets out and complies with this Privacy Policy so that users can use the services provided by the Company (the “Company Services”) with peace of mind by providing for the appropriate management and use of important Personal Information received from users of any of the websites operated by the Company (“Company Websites”) or Company Services (which includes Company Websites) (those users, “Users”) and other such information. As used herein, the Users will include those registered by a registered User of Company Services as addressee of electronic mails that might be sent from us in the course of Company Services.


Article 1 Personal Information

“Personal Information” includes information relating to an individual that (i) can identify the specific User by way of his/her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place of work, date of birth, or any other such description contained in the information or (ii) can easily be cross-checked against other information and thereby make it possible to specify the individual User.


Article 2 Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The purposes of use of Personal Information are as follows.

1 Providing services to and authenticating Users in the Company Services

2 Replying to communications and inquiries from Users in relation to the Company Services and responding for after-sales services (which includes doing so by e-mail)

3 Responding to surveys and campaigns, sending, etc., of presents 

4 User management 

5 Sale of Company and third-party products, rights, digital content, and services (collectively, “Products”)

6 Advertisements and publicity for, and solicitation of sales of, Company and third-party Products (which includes those made by e-mail)

7 Transmission of e-mail newsletters

8 Calculation and invoicing of charges

9 Packaging and sending of Company and third-party Products

10 Posting of information posted by Users

11 Investigation and analysis of marketing data, development of new services

12 Preparation of statistical materials to be provided to third parties engaged in business alliances with the Company’s group (those third parties, “Business Alliance Companies”)

13 Exercising rights, and performing obligations, under agreements and law, etc.

14 Responding to inquiries relating to the Company’s support or employment applications


Article 3 Voluntary Provision of Information by User

The Company or Business Alliance Companies sometimes request the input of Personal Information as part of a survey or campaign, etc., in a Company Service, and in those cases, information is in principle provided voluntarily by Users. The purposes of use of any collected information will again be clearly stated, and Personal Information provided voluntarily will be handled appropriately only within the scope of those purposes. Furthermore, if a User uses a web page or function that transmits e-mails provided by the Company and the User requests the Company to send an e-mail to a third party, the Company will send an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the User.


Article 4 Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Users consent to the disclosure to third parties of Personal Information obtained by the Company in the cases set out below. The Company will not disclose to any third party any User’s Personal Information obtained without the personal consent of the User in any case other than the following cases.

1 The Company reasonably judges that disclosure is necessary under law or ordinance.

2 Disclosure is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of a person and the Company judges that it is difficult to obtain the User’s consent.

3 Disclosure is particularly necessary to promote the sound growth of children or improve public hygiene and the Company judges that it is difficult to obtain the User’s consent.

4 Disclosure is requested by a court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, a tax office, or any other such institution with authority recognized under law or ordinance.

5 It is, other than as provided for above, necessary to cooperate with the performance, by a national institution or local public body or a person entrusted by any such institution or body, of an administrative duty provided for in law or ordinance and it is judged that obtaining the User’s consent might hinder the execution of the administrative duties.

6 Disclosure is to be made to a subsidiary or affiliate of the Company.

7 The Company entrusts a company with which the Company has entered into a confidentiality agreement with all or some of the handling of Personal Information as part of the services under the Company’s supervision.

8 Disclosure is to be made, in connection with a succession to the Company’s business through merger or any other such event, to the party to succeed to the business (which includes candidates).

9 The Company judges that the User will cause detriment to a third party.

10 Disclosure to a third party is expressly requested by the User. 


Article 5 Disclaimers

In the following cases, the Company will not bear any liability whatsoever in relation to the acquisition of Personal Information by a third party.

1 The User reveals his or her own Personal Information to another User through a function of a Company Service or any other means.

2 It becomes, by accident, possible to specify an individual User because of information provided to the Company by another User.

3 Someone other than the User obtains information that can identify the User (User ID, password, etc.).


Article 6 Usage of Statistical Data

The Company might, based on Personal Information provided to the Company, prepare statistical data that has been processed so as not to enable identification of the individual. Statistical data that does not enable identification of an individual does not correspond to “Personal Information,” and the Company may use that data without restriction.


Article 7 Advertisement Programs within Services

Advertisement programs might be used in Company Services. The destinations to which links direct to in those cases are not making sales in, and do not have anything to do with, Company Services. Please make inquiries relating to and purchases, etc., of Products at the applicable link destination. Furthermore, please understand in advance that the Company does not accept any liability whatsoever with respect to any trouble in relation to purchases, etc., of Products from advertisement programs.


Article 8 Links

The Company Services include links to external websites, but the Company does not accept any liability whatsoever with respect to the handling of Personal Information at the websites of those link destinations, so please use websites of link destinations at your own responsibility after reading their respective usage rules and privacy policies.


Article 9 Tracking by Third-Party Distribution Business Operators

The Company sometimes posts Company advertisements on various websites on the Internet through third-party distribution business operators, which includes Google. Third-party distribution business operators, which includes Google, use cookies, etc., and disseminate advertisements based on information relating to past access to websites. Users may access the web page for opting out of Google advertisements and disable the usage of cookies, etc., by Google.


Article 10 Behavioral Targeting Ad Services

1 In order to deliver optimum ads to users and optimize our ad delivery, the Company uses behavioral targeting ad services, and in providing Company Services we may collect ad identifiers such as IDFAs and AdIDs and provide these to ad service providers by means of sending a CSV file or by other electronic means (please note that ad identifiers do not include any information that identifies individuals and that it is not possible for a User to be identified using ad identifiers).  Users may also disable these behavioral targeting ad services by following the steps prescribed by the ad service providers (

2 The Company will suspend the provision of ad identifiers to ad service providers as prescribed in the preceding paragraph if a User so requests.  If you wish to request such a suspension, please send your request to


Article 11 Corrections, etc., of Personal Information

The Company responds to appropriate requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, usage suspension, elimination, suspension of the provision of information to third parties, and notifications of the purposes of use with respect to Personal Information based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other such law and ordinance, etc. If you wish to request a correction, etc., of Personal Information, please send your request to


Article 12 Updates to this Privacy Policy

The Company may revise this Privacy Policy as necessary, and if it does, it will post the updated Privacy Policy onto the Company’s website.

Revised April 9, 2013

Revised May 12, 2014

Revised April 3, 2018




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