A prvivate photo sharing app for parents.

An app for all families.
We sort your kid's photos for you,
and beautifully store them.

All you do is just upload photos. An easy solution for busy parents.
Download Famm now for a brand new photo sharing experience.

*It's also designed for single-use.


5 tips for enjoying Famm

Famm offers sprendid features to support and enrich your parenting experience!!

Tips for enjoying Famm (1)

Your child's history
created every month,
with a colorful and beautiful collage.


Just by uploading photos, Famm creates a beautiful growth history like you've never seen before. It should be brand the new way to share your child's growth with your family membes.


Tips for enjoying Famm (2)

Share photos with your partner.
Uploading 50 photos simultaneously.
Age inserted on each photos.


No more worries about how to sort the thousands of photos of your child. Famm's easy and fast uploading is a new solution for sorting your photos.


Tips for enjoying Famm (3)

Automatic backup of all photos.
Your memories are safe with us.


Famm backups all photo data on our secure server, so you'll never lose your children's photos. Famm will make raising children much more fun.


Tips for enjoying Famm (4)

Share photos with your relatives
with just a tap.

By registering your relatives' email address, you can easily share your children's growth stories with them.


Tips for enjoying Famm (5)

All photos sent while texting will be stored on Famm's Album too.

You'll never need to spend time downloading each photo from your messanger app. Famm offers better solutions for photo sharing and organization.


Photo Collage Collection

A beautifully designed digital collage for your children's growth stories, created automatically.


Get started now for free!
For the best family life.

Famm enrichs your parenting and
you'll never lose your preciouse memories!

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